Happy Holi – U.K & Sons

Happy Holi – U.K & Sons wishes everyone a very prosperous and Happy Holi.

Play Holi with your friends and love ones. Do not disturb others and play among’st your know folks.

Use ample of oil, protect your eyes and wear cotton clothes.

Try to take every precaution.

Stay away from Drinks and over eating.

Celebrate with Natural and herbal colors avoid chemicals and industrial colors.

Happy Holi - U.K & Sons

Holi is a festival of colors

Holifest – festival of color and celebrated all across the country and Indian residing all over the world.

It is a festival of music , colors and celebrating festival with sweets and desi Bhaang.

Bhang is the most favored drink on holi. it is a milk served with lots of dry fruits and locally produced Bhaang.

Rang barse a most sought after song is one which could be heared from every corner of the lanes.

Stay Safe Stay happy – Happy Holi – U.K & Sons -A Festival of colors

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