Apl Apollo Chequered Plates in 1250 x 2500 x 1.60, 2 mm.

U.K & Sons is the authorized dealers and Distributors of APL APOLLO Chequered Plates – Checkered Plates in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, U.P, Uttrakhand, Jammu and Kashmir.

APL APOLLO Plates are also avaliable in Leh, Ladakh and also Himachal Pradesh.

Chequered Plates or Checkered Plates or Anti Skid Plates known as Diamond shape plates and many more names in local markets.

Anti Skid Plates or Checkered Plates inferred as to prevent someone to skid while working, walking or for decorative purposes.

APL APOLLO Chequered Plates – Check shape plates – diamond shape plates

Synonyms for these chequer plates such as check shape plates, diamond shape plates.

What is the purpose of these Plates?

A defined and regular pattern on front side like diamond or other shapes while smooth on the back side.

These plates or sheet is generally formed by shaping into tear drop mild steel chequered plates, diamond shape mild steel chequered plates, and also embossed mild steel plates.

Chequered plate is anti-skid due to its pattern. Mild Steel is more durable as compare to aluminium sheet. It also has a self draining surface which prevents from corrosion and rust.

Mainly Construction, Fabricators, Truck and Bus Body Builders, Heavy Engineering industries use them for making anti-skid platform and stair treads.

In Agriculture Industry and Automobile Industry it is widely accepted due to duarabilty and steadiness.

Advantages of APL APOLLO Chequred Plates

  • Uniform Pattern and Quality – Uniformly formed therefore it looks beautiful and steady.
  • Excellent Quality HR COIL – Best Quality HR Coil accepted whiled forming the India Best Checkered/Chequered Plates.
  • Thickness and Cost – Due to variety of low thickness it helps to prevent project cost and maintaining the usability standards.
  • Quality Control and Strict Technology- Best in class Production facility along with Techincal Team allows us to deliver the perfect quality to our customers.
  • Excellent Joint ratioWelding and surface finish – Most Durable as of now. Proper thickness ensures the tight and firm grip.
  • Self Drain Design – APL APOLLO Chequered plates designed in such a way to ensure smooth drainage of water

Benefits of Chequered Plates – Checkered Plates – U.K & Sons

  • Corrosion ResistanceBest Corrosion resistance as compare to traditional plates due to smooth edges.
  • Light weight (Thickness)– Low gauge Plates or Sheets sheds the extra baggage Since its lightweight, saves lot of expenditure. and thus cost less in terms of per unit.
  • Aesthetic Looks – APL APOLLO Chequered plates is beautifully crafted. Its perfect shape and surface delivers aesthetic and decorative looks.


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apl apollo chequered plates, checkered plates, dealers, distributors, in India, Delhi, UP, Haryana, jammu, kashmir, uttrakhand.
apl apollo chequered plates, checkered plates, dealers, distributors, in India, Delhi, UP, Haryana, jammu, kashmir, uttrakhand.

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