CI Butterfly Valve

CI Butterfly Valve – SANT
CI Butterfly valve is as similar to Ball valve i.e quick shut off and on functionality.
In ball valve a ball perform the role of closing or opening mechanism where as in butterfly valve a disc performs the same function.
Butterfly Valve is from the family of quarter turn valves i.e. need not to turn 180 deg.

There are different type of butter valves depending upon the fluid & pressure.

In Butterfly Valve a disc is mounted to the the rod. The body seal of butterfly valve is generally of neoprene rubber and it can be other material required as per usage and pressure.

Advantages of CI Butterfly Valve

They are compact in design and easy to operate. The best advantage is the weight of the disc as compare to the ball. Lighter weight of the disc gives much more life to the valves and its seal.

Another advantage of butterfly valve is the diameter of the disc. It is almost of the same size as the pipe line, which gives better flow of the fluid.

Salient Feature of Butter Fly Valve

  • Reliable, Longer working life.
  • Tight Seal, Low Torque
  • Shaft Sealing
  • Drive-positive-disc


  • PN- 10, PN- 16, PN-25, Class#150
  • Connection: Wafer type, Flanged type, Lugged type,
  • Body : Cast Iron, SG Iron, CS (Carbon Steel), SS
  • Seal : Nitrile, EPDM, Silicon, Hypalon

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