G.I Pipe from 1/2 inch to 14 inch- buy now

G.I Pipe Dealer of APL APOLLO Pipes, Jindal Pipes, Jindal Hissar from 1/2 inch to 14 inch.

Buy GI Pipes from U.K & Sons the largest stockist of G.I Pipe in India.

We have entire range of ERW Galvanized Pipe in all standard.

Light Weight G.I Pipe

Light weight Pipe usage is for air, water or an fluid where pressure is low.

In Electric Pole, Industrial shed and moisture intense areas, Galvanized Pipe is the best option.

Automobile and Cycle parts, furniture and general fabrication also accepts these pipes happily.

Standard IS:1239 Light Weight Pipe or other standard is also available.

Medium Class GI Pipes

Medium class Pipe or B’class pipe is for water supply, waster water treatment plants, or for any other fluid to prevent impurities.

Healthy and safe water is a birth right of every person, Medium Class Galvanized pipes is the best solution.

Every Pipe from APL APOLLO, JINDAL has to undergo hydro test. Once these pipe pass this test then only these are available for customers.

Standard as Per IS:1239 or other standard is also available on customer demand.

Heavy Class Galvanised Pipes

Where the pressure of fluid is high or in high temperature zone we use Heavy Class Pipes.

In Hilly areas also where the sudden change of climate and strong movement of rocks heavy Pipe is suitable.

When we say Light , Medium or heavy then we refer to the thickness of pipe where as the zinc coating remain the same as per IS:1239 standard.

Large Dia G.I Pipe

We also have large Dia gi pipes such as 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and also 14 inch.

these pipes are as per IS:3589 and zinc coating as per standard microns.

the use of GI Pipe is to protect the fluid or air from any contamination. it also allows to smooth passage with minimal contact of inner lining of pipe.

Galvanized pipe is for the protection of outer layer and inner layer of pipe from corrosion.

Proper zinc coating not also enhance the life of pipe but also protect the material or fluid from impurities.

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