Happy Independence Day – 15 August

U.K & Sons wish everyone a very happy Independence day-15 August. The day of freedom from British Rule, the day of freedom from bondage, cruelty.

The day to mark the sacrifice of thousand’s of freedom fighters who devoted their life to Motherland. The result of known and unknown heroes of freedom fight. Patience, wisdom, unity, and mutual respect are what result’s in the British rule to give up and declaring freedom at midnight.

Free India Development from scratch to superpower in Steel, Power, IT, Science, Computer and Innovation.

The innovation of Hotmail, the beginning of electric transmission of communication between two or more people from any part of the world.

Happy independence day-15 August

Brain behind most of the top companies like Google, Microsoft, Pepsi and many more.

NASA is mostly relying on the Indian scientist and India has become a major Launcher of Satellite in the world.

Our Steel sector has improved a lot and also the latest technology has increased the overall operating margins and production.

Steel the Backbone of Indian Industry APL Apollo Pipes has emerged as a Pioneer Hollow Section manufacturer.

APL Apollo Square Pipes

Apl Apollo – with 10 manufacturing facilities all over India has enabled to supply and cater to each part of India and also becomes the largest producer of SHS Pipes and Tubes.

Range of APl Apollo Pipes are Square Pipes, Rectangle Pipes, Chaukhat, Window Section, and also Steel Planks.

Door Frames, Double Door Frames, Single Door Frames, L Section, Z Section, and also T Section.

These Hollow Sections are among which are in high demand from each state of India.

SANT Valves wishes Happy Independence Day to all its customers.

U.K & Sons are the dealers for Sant make Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, and also Butterfly Valves.

Sant Valves is one of the most prestigious Valves Manufacturers in India.

Post Independence after Industrialisation begins Sant Valves Played a vital role by supplying Quality products.

L&T Valves wishes Happy Independence day to all Patrons

LnT Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Trunnion Ball Valves and also Actuator fitted Valves.

Severe Line Valves, and other accessories makes L&T Valves the most reputed Valve manufacturer in India.

Being a dealer of L&T Valves we wishes everyone a very happy Independence Day to all our customers and patrons.

Happy Independence Day and also a Big Salute to our Brave Soldiers and Freedom Fighters who laid their lives for Freedom.