Structure Pipe at its Low due to CoronaVirus

Structure pipe in coronavirus

#coronavirus: Worst Impact on Steel Industry. The recurring Fixed charge of Electricity, Salary and wages. Structure pipe equally hit in coronavirus.

The Impact of corona is majorly effecting all sector of Industry.

IBISWorld has developed an Industry Exposure Tool to help businesses.

Their study to understand which industries are exposed to high rates of trade with China. This exposure analysis method will help you define possible exposure points which will inform your strategy.

According to CII, policy action must be taken urgently else, GDP could fall below 5 per cent in FY 2021.

CII said that the government would consider providing a strong fiscal stimulus of 1% or about 2 trillion of GDP to the poor. Which would financially benefit them and increase market demand.

Growth slowed down to 4.7 percent in the third quarter (October-December). The effect of the Covid -19 outbreak is likely to drag it further down in thefourth quarter.

structure pipe in coronavirus
Structure Pipe in Coronavirus – Impact on Steel Industry.

The business group also advised Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to pursue an immediate reduction in the repo rate.

They asked for 50 basis points along with a reduction of 50 basis points in the CRR to ensure ample liquidity and cheaper funds.

Globally, central banks are taking fiscal steps to reduce the economic damage caused by the outbreak.

As stated by Niranjan Hiranandani, president of India’s Affiliated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham).

India, the fifth-largest economy, majorly dependent on global cues. Lockdown and another measure will have both beneficial and negative impacts.

The need for RBI to carry out monetary / fiscal support to shield company from bankruptcy is ideal.

Ficci survey found that as many as 53 percent of Indian businesses had reported a pronounced effect of Covid-19 on company operations.


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