Apollo MS Pipes

U.K & Sons are the Authorised dealer of Apollo MS Pipes in North India. We have complete range of Apollo MS Pipes in all possible Standards.

Contact us for Latest Price List, Discount and Specifications. We have complete range of MS Iron pipes, Steel Pipes, GI Pipes, Hollow Section.

IS 1239 MS & GI Pipes and IS 3589 Pipes. YST Standard Pipes, IS 4270 Standard Pipes.

We also deals in Slotted Pipes for Boring, Casing and Water Tube-wells. We are regular suppliers of Water Boring Contractors.

APL APOLLO Pipes and Tubes are duly approved by all the government agencies and authorities.

M.S Black Pipe sand tubes are safest and strongest when applied with proper coating and smooth welding.

Beveled Apollo MS Pipes

MS & GI Beveled Pipe is perfect for welding and provides durability, protects from shock and immediate damage.

Bevel End is a taper end edges of a pipe for proper filling of gap when we weld a pipe.

It provides extra strength and smooth finish.

Plain End MS Pipe

Plain end pipe is Plain edge pipe and general application is for lying of straight pipe line.

It is generally used in low pressure lines and small distance.


MS Pipe or Mild Steel pipes is rolled from HR Coil, CR Coil, and also Skelp.

It’s General Purpose is Water, Gas, Oil, Fluid, Air and also other substances.

GI Pipes – Apollo

GI Pipes is a Galvanised Coated pipes for water and also for waste water purpose.

Apollo MS Pipes

The basic use of pipe is for transmission and to deliver any type of fluid, air or gas.

It is also available with protective coating such as varnish, paint, and other preventive coating as per customer demand.

Contact us for any requirement and get the best rates and discounts. call us at 9555086252, 9873186252 or mail us at ukindustries_in@yahoo.com

Apollo MS Pipes

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