Apollo Pipe Chaukhat Dealer Near me

Apollo Pipe Chaukhat Dealer Near me in Haryana, Punjab, UP, HP, Jammu & Kashmir, Leh & Ladakh. U.K & Sons is the Largest Distributors of APL Steel Chaukhat in Northern Part of India.

With the Large Inventory we are able to cater all parts of North India with ease.

U.K & Sons are the largest stockist & dealers of all APL Apollo Products such as M.S & G.I Pipes, Square & Rectangle Tubes.

We also Deals in APL Apollo Special Size & Shape pipes such as Reflector Pipes, Door Frames. We are also Special Distributors of Railing Pipes and also Window Sections for Housing Projects and Hospitals etc.

U.K & Sons is the largest Apollo Pipe Chaukhat Dealer in High Grade and Tensile Pipes with all Possible Grade such as YST-210, YST-240, YST-310, YST-355. APL APOLLO Pipes are also available in Pre-Galvanized Sheets, G.P and Hot Dip Galvanized.


U.K & Sons are the largest supplier of Big-Dia Pipes in terms of Size such as 15mm to 1200mm. In Hollow Sections also we serves the maximum size available to-date in Square & Rectangle shape.

apollo pipe chaukhat dealer

Apoolo Chaukhat Dealer Near Me

U.K & Sons has presence in all part of North India and have the capacity to serve every quantity with ease from their local supply chain.

Our smooth Logistics support will ensure the in time deliveries to each and every projects.

We deals in Single Door Frame ( Single Patam), Double Door Frame ( Double Patam) and Double Door and Window Frame ( Four Stroke).

Our customized thickness allows you to choose according to the budget and strength required.

We offers from 1.6 mm thick to 2.5 mm thick in all products of door frame.

Termite, Fire Proof APL Apollo Pipe Chaukhat Dealer

APL APOLLO PIPE CHAUKHAT are termite, borer, and fire proof. It gives you the long shelf life and ensure that whenever you have to dismantle the chaukhat you still get the best price.

Steel is a recyclable product which means your investment never go down, rather it will give the value for money as well as aesthetic looks.


Our Stylish APL APOLLO CHAUKHAT suitable for all type of project like School, House, Hospital, Group Housing and also Industries.

Color coating and smooth finish.Our product gives the smooth finish which enhance the beauty of your entire project, like welcoming with a smile.

Call us at 9555086252, 9873186252 to buy your best quality APL APOLLO PIPE CHAUKHAT.

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