Cast Steel Gate Valve Class#150

Cast Steel Gate Valve Class#150– These High Pressure rating valves are used in Oil, Steam, Gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, dairy products, where the temperature of the operating line are very high.

  • Port size:NPS 1〞~ 24〞
  • Pressure:CLASS 150
  • Medium:Water,oil,steam
  • Temperature :-29~425℃
  • Body material:ASTM A216 WCB
  • Connection:Flanged,butt weld is optional
  • Position type:Rising stem
  • Characteristic:Bolted bonnet,flexible wedge

Cast steel gate valve 150lb RF Structure feature
Bolted bolt structure
Seal-welded seats Bosses for taps & bypass Graphite packing Ring Joint Bonnet gaskets Class 600-2500 Fully guided, wedge Fugitive emission tested 

Cast steel gate valve 150lb RF Design Options Alternate Trims NACE MR-01-75Mounting Pads for Actuation Pressure Seal Bonnets Class 600-2500 Aluminum Bronze and Bronze Trims for Marine Service 

Cast steel gate valve 150lb RF Operating accessories and special requirement
Hand wheel, Bypass Gear operator 
Motor operated 
Pneumatic operator 
Hydraulic operator 
Bare stem
Oxy cleaned.

Available Make: SANT, AUDCO, L&T, Leader,WJ, NETA,

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