Square Pipe

Square tubes or pipes are frequently used in both industries and domestic use. Industries application of these square pipe or tube is basically because of its strength and excellent ability to tolerate variation in temperature, pressure and other destructive elements.

In domestic these square pipes or tubes are used in fencing , furniture, bedding, sheds, railing, canopy and other decorative purposes.

Advantage of Square Pipe

Uniform Size & Thickness

Uniform wall thickness of all sides and size gives more stability to square pipe and tubes.


Square Pipes and tubes are formed by using H.R Coil and rolled in normal temperature which gives high yield strength.

Cost Effective

Manufacturing of Square pipe and tubes requires less process and automatic plant saves lot of man power and energy. The other advantage is the difference of weight ratio between other heavy structure steel.

Range of Sizes

Square pipe and tubes are available from 15 mm to 300 mm thus it has actually eclipsed the used M.S Beam. The range of thickness also make square tube more popular now a days.

square pipe

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