Dealer of Gas Pipe Fitting

U.K & Sons is a dealer of Gas Pipe Fitting- VS Brand, B&M Brand & Saint Drop Forged Pipe Fittings. Kirti G.I Pipe Fittings.

Forged and malleable fittings are widely used in Gas, Heavy Pressure because it has capacity to bear high temperature.

What is Drop Forged Fittings ?

Drop Forging means a process where a piece of metal is pressed by heavy duty forging machine and It is called as forging press or hammer.

A certain shape and size is achieved by processing the piece of metal with forging press. Forging eliminates the casting defect produced by smelting process. Forged metal optimises the micro structure of the metal.

Forged is better than casting

Yes, The Mechanical Properties of forging is much better than casting of same material and It has longer shelf life.

Forged Gas Pipe Fitting

Forged Fitting is a better option to use in Heavy gas flow and high temperature.

Pressure Rating of Forged Fittings

Forged Iron Pipe Fittings are available in #2000 lbs, #3000 lbs , #6000 lbs and #9000 lbs pressure. 

Malleable Gas Pipe Fittings

Kirti Brand because of its malleability it is widely in domestic gas supply companies such as IGL etc. We are the dealer of Gas Pipe fittings and regular suppler of various contractors and gas industries.

Malleable iron is more ductile but not good for welding purpose.

What are the types of Forged & malleable Fittings

  • Elbow
  • Tee
  • Socket
  • Union
  • Cap
  • Plug
  • Cross
  • Sockolet
  • Weldolet
  • Socket Weld Fittings for welding

Standard of Gas Pipe Fittings

  • ANSI American Standard
  • DIN German Standard
  • JIS Japanese Standard
  • BIS Indian Standard

Dealer of Gas Pipe Fitting – U.K & Sons

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