Girder, Angle, Jindal Pipes Dealer

Dealer of Jindal Pipes

U.K & Sons is the authorised stockist of Jindal Pipes and Maharashtra Seamless Pipes. Jindal black pipes are majorly used in automobile industries, cement plant, oil industry, Petro-chemical industries.

Jindal Pipes are also used in Air, Gas, Water, Chemical products.

We have ample stock of Jindal star (Ghaziabad) pipes and Jindal Hissar pipes.

Maharashtra seamless Pipes, a pioneer brand in IBR and non IBR seamless Pipes are also available.

MSl pipes are available in Sch-20, Sc-30, Sch-40, Sch-60, Sch-80, Sch-120, Sch-XS.

Jindal Pipes are available from 1/2″ to 24 ” size.

U.K & Sons

Jindal SAW Pipes

we also deal in Jindal Saw Pipe – Spiral weld Pipes in Large Dia Size.

Spiral weld pipes or Large Dia pies are used in water Line and Petrochemical line.

Size available – 18″ to 60″

Girder, Angle Jindal Pipes dealer summary:

Dealers of Girder

We are authorised stockist of SAIL, TATA, JINDAL and local make Girders, Joist, Beam, I Beam, H Beams and readily available in all size.

Dealer of Angle

SAIL,TATA, JINDAL and Local make m.s angle are available in Equal size and Unequal Size. Angle are used in housing projects, Industrial sheds, Canopy’s, per-lings, roofs, Railings.

Girder, Angle Jindal Pipes Dealer ensures the best quality and services.

girder angle jindal pipes dealer
girder angle jindal pipes dealer

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