I Beam

I-beams are made of single piece of structural steel . It also formed from alloys , aluminium and other material. The most common type of I Beam is steel joist rolled from long piece of billet etc.

The horizontal elements of I Beam i.e I are called as flanges, and the vertical element is called as the web. it generally used in construction and civil engineering.

MS I Beam

The purpose of web is to resist the shear force on the other hand function of the flange is to prevent the bending force experienced by the beam.

I Beam has parallel flange which are easier to connect and do not require tapering.

I Beam has deeper web and more suited to carry bending load such as floor beams.

I-beams have different names such as ISMB, ISJB, ISLB, ISWB. ISMB: Indian Standard Medium Weight Beam (ISMB), Indian Standard Junior Beams (ISJB), Indian Standard Light Weight Beams (ISLB), Indian Standard Wide Flange Beams (ISWB).


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