M.S Angle

M.S Angle or in other language ISMA is a tradition old and tested equal or unequal steel in L Shape used in various structure application. L Shape gives the ample strength to bear the designated load.

Angle Meaning

L shape Iron or M.S Angle come in all size and thickness and may vary upon the payload.

90 degree Steel shape is formed by hot rolled, cold rolled machines as per the usage.

Types of Angles

There are two types of angle are generally used. Equal Angle and Unequal Angle.

m.s angle


Size in mm Weight in Kgs. Per Feet Gauge Per Mtr.
20x20x3 0.274 0.899
25x25x3 0.335 1.099
25x25x5 0.548 1.798
31x31x3 0.390 1.280
35x35x5 0.792 2.599
37x37x3 0.518 1.700
40x40x3 0.548 1.798
40x40x5 0.915 3.002
40x40x6 1.066 3.498
50x50x5 1.158 3.799
50x50x6 1.372 4.502
60x60x6 1.645 5.397
65x65x6 1.767 5.798
65x65x8 2.346 7.697
65x65x10 2.864 9.397
75x75x6 2.072 6.798
75x75x8 2.712 8.898
75x75x10 3.352 10.998
80x80x6 2.224 7.297
80x80x8 2.925 9.597
90x90x6 2.499 8.199
90x90x8 3.292 10.801
90x90x10 4.084 13.400
100x100x6 2.804 9.200
100x100x8 3.687 12.097
100x100x10 4.545 14.912
100x100x12 5.395 17.701
110x110x12 5.028 16.497
130x130x10 6.004 19.699
150x150x10 6.950 22.803
150x150x12 8.290 27.199
150x150x16 10.911 35.799
150x150x20 13.441 44.100
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Equal Angle & Unequal Angle

We deal in Equal and Unequal Angle of SAIL, TATA, JINDAL, VIZAG and secdary market.

Distributors of MS Angle and Shapes

We are the largest supplier of MS Angle and Shapes in North India.

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What is the minimum Quantity of MS Angle to order?

U.K & Sons happily ready to serve any quantity form the customers according to their need. We offer, deliver and accepts order of 1 ton to 100 ton.

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