MS Short Bend

MS Short bend plays a vital role in laying of the pipeline. It is the small length extension of pipe or say elbow to bend the Pipe Line from one angle to other.

Pipe line has to be adjusted according to the requirement of production or delivery line. The pipes can be diverted from main line to the several branches. Short bend are available in M.S, G.I, Seamless, Stainless Steel material.

Use of Short bend depends upon the variety of fluid, gas or air passes through it. High Pressure may require seamless Short Bend whereas dairy product may require Stainless steel.

Oil Companies where pressure as well temperature may vary they generally prefer ASTM grade short Bend. Cement Plants, Sugar Mills may require large dia bend which can be fabricated or made from moon cut style.

Plumbing and fire fittings line have steady and uniform pressure all the time so they generally rely on C’Class or Heavy short bend or some time seamless.

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