Cast Steel Two Piece Ball Valve

Cast Carbon Steel Two Piece Ball Valve or two piece cast steel ball valve are generally used in high temperature and high pressure lines. The flow of chemical, fluid, liquid, water, gas is undergoing through some process.

These Cast Steel Two Piece ball valves are available in screwed or flanged models. Types of valves are ASA class#150, class#300, Class#600, Class#900, Class#1500 Class#3000 .

Application of c.S ball valve is very easy. It could be repaired without shutting down the entire production line. The defects can be handled with easy process. Further need to weld pipe line and electricity wastage is prevented.

Any supervisor or fitter can repair or replace the valve in quick time. These Valves are very effective in Oil companies, Chemical, Gas etc.

C.S Ball Valves are very malleable, durable and ductile therefore these valves are popular.

Generally the Ball of these two piece ball valve are made of Stainless Steel Grade-304. This S.S grade 304 helps to operation these valves smoothly and also prevent corrosion of inner lining.

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