APOLLO GI Pipe from 1/2 inch to 8 inch

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APOLLO GI PIPE from 1/2 inch to 8 inch – U.K & Sons are the authorized dealer of Apollo G.I PIPES and G.I Tubes.

APL APOLLO is the largest manufacturer of MS and GI Pipes in India. We are the only company which has Direct Forming Technology.

It is so far the best technology to make Pipes and Tubes.


Apollo GI Pipe as per IS: 1239 is best suitable for water lines. 100 % Hydro-Tested quality pipes leave no scope of any leakage or seepage.

We also supply material with third-party Inspection agencies such as CEIL, RITES, PDIL, SGS, CROWN etc.

We can also arrange any other Inspection agency as per customer request.

Apollo GI pipes as per IS:1239 is ISI certified pipes and suitable for Light, Medium and also Heavy pressure line.

IS: 1239 Light Quality GI Pipes, IS:1239 Medium Quality GI Pipes, IS:1239 Heavy Quality GI Pipes.

apollo gi pipe

When you conserve water, you conserve life!


For Low-Pressure Water Lines, Air, Structure, Shed, and also agriculture equipment lightweight Apollo GI pipe is perfect. It is also Perfect for electric poles, electric cable lying, underground optic fiber cable.

The proper coating of zinc from outside and inside prevents it from corrosion. Thickness and weight of Light GI pipes is per standard tolerance mentioned in IS:1239


Medium Class Apollo GI Pipe for General purpose water lines, Air, Compressed air, air conditioning, fire fighting, safety Water lines.

It is also an important role payer in Electric Poles and other electric fitments.

Galvanized Pipe with proper micron coating of zinc as specified in IS:1239 make this pipe more durable and long lasting.

GI Pipe Heavy Class IS:1239

Heavy Class Apollo GI Pipe for high Pressure Water Lines, Chemical Industries, Sugar Mills, Pharmaceutical Plants, and also for Air, Compressed air and chiller lines.

Cold storage, raw water, and Long Distance Water Lines such in Mountain terrain, Hilly areas, and also in Moist areas.

The Thickness is much higher than Light class pipe therefore it has much more shelf life as compare to both light and medium class pipe.

Apollo GI Pipe IS:3601 for structure Purpose.

We also supply IS:3601 GI Pipe for Structure and General purpose pipe. IS:3601 Standard GI Pipe is suitable for Structure, agriculture equipment, electric lines, conduit pipe, cable transmission lines.

Custom Thickness GI PIPES

We also accept custom thickness GI Pipe orders as per customer need and specification. However, it is imperative any pipe that is not IS:1239 marked is not suitable for water lines.

we also suggest our customers read standards and technical specifications before placing an order. We are an authorized dealer of APL APOLLO TUBES LTD.

Please call 9873186252, 9555086252, 9821946252 for any query regarding APOLLO GI PIPE.

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