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A beam is used to balance and bear the load of structural part of any roof. It balance the weight of joist and other material. It is generally layed vertically to support channel and angle.

What is the difference between a Beam and a Joist?

It is the beam which plays the support system of joist. Both are important to each other.

Both complements each in order to get perfect support and stability.

Types of Beam

Beams can be classified by the purpose of its support.

There are mainly four type of Beams :

  1. Simple Support Beam or Simply Supported Beam
  2. Fixed Beam
  3. Cantilever Beam
  4. Continuously Supported Beam

1. Simply Supported Beam
In this both the ends are rested freely on the support beam. It allows some flexibility to bear the sheer load.

2. Fixed Beam
If both the ends are fixed on a support beam it is called as fixed beam. Its generally formed to carry heavy load.

3. Cantilever Beam
If one end of a beam is from one support beam and other end is freely rested on the support beam it is known as cantilever beam.

4.Continuously Supported Beam
This type of beam is used in roof or where very heavy load is to be carried. it is supported by more than two support beams.

Dealer of Girder,beam
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